This is my second time working with One-on-One College Consulting. One-on-One gives the kids the confidence they need to work through career options, type of college, location, application process, essay, etc – all the way to hitting send on the applications for schools that make sense for them. The process has been so positive and focused, and extremely personalized. A must for all kids. Can’t put a price on the peace of mind and clear direction this has provided for us.

The entire experience was very impressive. We had no idea how much was involved in the college selection and application process, we are so happy we decided to work with One-on-One College Consulting. They guided us through the entire process; the organization and attention to detail were wonderful. With One-on-One’s help and expertise our daughter was able to get accepted at her top choice. I would highly recommend One-on-One College Consulting – they were great!

One-on-One College Consulting provides an excellent service, especially if your child is indecisive about career or college choices. Our family is very happy with our daughter’s decisions. A very good fit!

Our experience has been nothing but exceptional. Our daughter always dreamed of playing college basketball but desired to attend a college with high academic standing. One-on-One provided honest, objective feedback and never allowed our daughter to lose focus on the main reason for attending college, which is to obtain the very best education possible.

I am beyond thankful for One-on-One’s help, guidance, and support you gave me all throughout last year. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you, and I am so grateful that I had the chance to work with you to help get me back on track. I couldn’t be happier and I wanted to thank you so much for that. The school feels like such a great fit and I am so excited to continue on with my nursing classes.

Thrilled to have found One-on-One College Consulting through a referral from a friend who used their services. We’ve gone through this process with my daughter with great success. It’s our son’s turn now. They make the daunting task of career choices, college searching and the application process a breeze. Best money we’ve ever spent. Worth every penny! (No pun intended!)

As we approach the numerous deadlines for the college application process, it is so nice to have someone with knowledge, experience and solid suggestions to take us through it. I feel so relieved knowing all the steps are being taken, nothing is getting missed.

Our decision to contract with One-on-One helped us to navigate through a very difficult time. Our daughter was presented with excellent college options and more than that, we felt One-on-One took a genuine interest in her as a person. Their guidance in assisting her with applications and essays, specifically suggestions on how to address her unusual situation, was invaluable. Our daughter feels that she has made a great college choice and is very excited to begin this new chapter.

Our daughter started college this August to a fantastic school that we had never even thought of. We know that without One-on-One, she would never have gone to this school. She has texted us many times already saying how much she loves the school, how it is perfect for her, and that she is so happy about her decisions.

Without One-on-One College Consulting, I don’t think I would have found the best college for me. Working with One-on-One opened my eyes to more options and opportunities. My family and I are so glad we did it! The entire college admissions process was enjoyable and stress-free. We are grateful for all their hard work and support. We highly recommend One-on-One College Consulting to any future college student.