College Search Service

The college admissions process begins with the college search. This can begin as early as freshman year or as late as senior year, depending upon when you prefer to start. The college search is a critical piece in the process.

We devote significant time in getting to know you and helping you target colleges that best match you academically and socially. We provide you with a well-researched, customized college list that reflects your specific needs and desires. We treat this list as a living, breathing document that evolves throughout the search as we gain more information about you as we go.

Our College Search Service includes guidance in the following areas:

  • Career Counseling
  • Review of your academic record
  • Course selection
  • Summer activities (job shadows, camps, etc.)
  • Schedule for standardized testing
  • Preparing for college campus visits
  • Obtaining letters of recommendation
  • Life coaching (stress/time management)
  • Exclusive access to privately-owned college planning software
  • Customized College Research List tailored to YOU
  • Identifying your chance of acceptance at each college on your research list

The College Search Service extends through July after your junior year or until we have your research list narrowed down to a well-balanced application list based on your chance of acceptance to each college.

At that point, we then transition together into the College Application Service, if you so choose.

We also offer single-service options; please contact us for more information.

The College Search Service for Student-Athletes is naturally more complex and entails additional time and research.