Career Counseling

Hand with marker writing: What is My Life Purpose?Discover which careers match your personality and start planning more wisely and efficiently for your future in college and beyond.

As certified practitioners of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), we are trained in administering and interpreting the results of the MBTI®, a personality inventory that is widely used throughout the world. College is too expensive to not have options for a career plan. Our career counseling session is designed to teach high school and college students how to effectively explore potential careers of interest that naturally match their unique personality type. This allows students to choose colleges and majors that best match their future career goals.

We also perform career counseling sessions for adults who are transitioning careers. We provide direction in matching their personality type to potential careers in which they will most likely find happiness and success.

We offer career counseling sessions in two capacities: as a one-time session or as the first meeting in our College Search Service.

Our Career Counseling includes:

  • Administration of personality inventory
  • Discussion of your unique personality type (your strengths and weaknesses…likes and dislikes)
  • Identification of careers that match your personality type and interests
  • Creation of a customized Career Counseling Follow-up Report (to research targeted careers in depth)
  • Full access to private website with over 7,000 videos to explore careers (see example video below)
  • Suggestion of appropriate careers to job shadow
  • Provides effective questions to ask on a job shadow