Student-Athlete Consulting

As trained educational professionals and former college athletes and high school coaches ourselves, we specialize in working with student-athletes who have the ability to play their sport at the collegiate level.

College Admissions Consulting for Student-Athletes:

College athletic recruiting for both scholarship and non-scholarship student-athletes naturally accelerates the college search process. Starting this process early is necessary so student-athletes have ample opportunities to market themselves to college coaches in order to gain exposure and receive critical feedback on their potential level of college play.

For student-athletes, overlaying the athletic fit during the college search makes the matching process more complex. The student-athlete’s college list may be revised several times before the final target list is complete.

We treat all of our athletes as students first. In addition to the College Search Service,  we provide student-athletes with the following guidance as part of their college search process:

  • Obtain honest evaluation of student-athlete’s athletic talent level
  • Discuss athletic strengths/weaknesses linked to personality type
  • Review NCAA rules and regulations including the NCAA eligibility process
  • Provide strategies for effective self-marketing to college coaches (i.e. Athletic Profile, Video, etc.)
  • Explore the pros and cons of NCAA Division I, II, and III
  • Provide coach contact information for colleges on target list
  • Monitor progress of student-athlete/college coach relationship up until July after junior year
  • Prepare Target List of colleges specifically tailored to the student-athlete
  • Advise planning of official and/or unofficial athletic campus visits

We also offer an essential marketing tool for the student-athlete:
Athletic Profile: an online website containing pictures of student-athlete with sport-specific statistics, coach quotes and contact information, ready to be emailed directly to coaches on college target list.

In addition to the College Application Service, we provide student-athletes with the following guidance as part of their college application process:

  • Continue to monitor progress of student-athlete/college coach relationship through senior year
  • Advise official athletic campus visits
  • Guide student-athlete with signing of National Letter of Intent (if applicable)
  • Assist student-athlete in evaluating athletic options and making final college decision

We also offer single-service options; please contact us for more information.

Post-Graduate (PG) Year and Reclassification Advising:

Our expertise in the independent day and boarding school planning process allows us to advise student-athletes interested in pursuing a PG year or reclassifying into a later graduation year. We help families explore the pros and cons to each scenario as they weigh the academic and athletic options that best fit their future goals.