Best of the Best College Showcase

The Best of the Best Showcase, originally founded by Tom Hellen (Coach Storm) and Brian Harris, has been an excellent platform for high school girls’ basketball players in the New England and Mid-Atlantic area to showcase their talent in front of college coaches for over 15 years. Hundreds of players who have participated in the Best of the Best Showcase have gone on to continue their dream of playing basketball in college.

In 2021, the basketball events division of One-on-One College Consulting, run by Kim Penney and Jackie Lyons, continues the tradition of managing the Best of the Best Showcases. With expertise in college consulting for student-athletes, coaching and basketball skill development, the goal of the Best of the Best Showcases is to disrupt the traditional approach to athletic recruiting in women’s college basketball by making it more player-focused. One-on-One College Consulting’s proven 10-Step Athletic Recruiting System empowers players to be in better control of their academic and athletic futures.

The Best of the Best Showcase emphasizes the importance of academic fit while navigating the college athletic recruiting process. We believe that a player’s college decision should be focused on more than just basketball. Our unique expertise combines 20+ years of college admissions consulting for student-athletes and girls basketball coaching and evaluating.

Our mission is to provide an alternative showcase that places the power in the players’ hands to get feedback from college coaches directly and make an informed decision on their best overall college match.

For more information, please visit our website: Best of the Best Showcase