PURE Team Leadership Workshops

PURE Team Leadership Workshops

Personality Unlocking Relationships and Expectations

For many years, successful CEOs and Fortune 500 companies have used the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) to increase productivity and teamwork among their employees. The MBTI® is a globally-recognized tool that describes the 16 different personality types that exist in the population.

We draw on our extensive playing and coaching experience, as well as our expertise as MBTI® Practitioners, to apply the personality typing to the athletic arena in the form of PURE Team Leadership Workshops.

PURE Team Leadership Workshops are designed specifically for college and high school coaches and teams. These interactive, hands-on workshops aim to develop stronger team chemistry—and ultimately, productivity—by understanding one another’s natural tendencies and personality preferences as they relate to team dynamics within a particular sport.

PURE Team Leadership Workshop Details
Who: Coaches and teams at the college, high school, and club sports levels.
When: During preseason, the workshop is an effective way for coaches to get to know new players and how they will mold with their teammates. Some coaches prefer to hold the workshop during the season to help build chemistry and provide a motivational lift to take their team to the next level.

Key Takeaways for Coaches:
We help you focus on the small details that can help you motivate your players as individuals first and then together as a team. This information can help you tailor your teaching techniques and style of play to maximize your team’s natural strengths and abilities.

  • Discover how you, your players, and staff learn best, make decisions, and react to pressure both as individuals and collectively as members of your unique team
  • Reduce the trial and error period in recognizing what positions and plays best suit your players’ natural strengths and abilities based on their personality types
  • Unlock the most effective ways to connect and motivate each player and staff member on your team
  • Value your strengths as a coach , be aware of your blind spots, and learn to “flex” accordingly
  • Improve respect, trust, and overall team chemistry

Key Takeaways for Student-Athletes:
We assist you in discovering your unique personality type and how you can most effectively interact with your teammates and coaches to maximize your individual success, and ultimately, your team’s success as a whole.

  • Discover the “heart of type” – how you and your teammates individually prefer to learn best and make decisions, and how you complement each other in doing so
  • Recognize the unique value you bring to your team as well as what positions you are naturally strong at playing
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively and improve your leadership ability by “flexing” your own personality to meet the needs of your teammates and coaches in relation to team goals

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PURE Team Leadership Workshop Testimonial:

One-on-One was able to identify the personality types on our team and help us work better together. The workshop gave me insight on how to motivate and best utilize the personnel of our team. Overall, it was a great team building experience, and the players can take with them the valuable information they learned about themselves.
— Massachusetts Division I High School Varsity Basketball Coach