Virtual College Application Academy

The Virtual College Application Academy
consists of 6 modules designed to engage rising high school seniors to take control of their college applications in an easy-to-understand format with actionable takeaways after each module. Limited spots are available.

The program includes 5 one-hour pre-recorded modules, plus a one-hour live Q&A Session in a virtual small group setting with a One-on-One College Consulting Admissions Expert. The 6 modules will be released together in a bundle and students will have a period of two weeks to view the content and participate in the live Q&A session.

The release date for the 6-module bundle is Monday, July 6, 2020.

Students may register to receive their 6 modules on July 6th or any Monday thereafter, and may progress through the content at their own pace during their two-week viewing period.

  • MODULE 1:
    Customize Your Application Strategy & Create Your Action Plan
    Determine how to optimize your chance of acceptance by evaluating policies for admissions deadlines, standardized testing, recommendations and interviews for each school on your list.
    Do-It-Yourself Action Item:  Create your Action Plan with your customized strategy and timeline to stay on track.
  • MODULE 2:
    Make Yourself Stand Out & Create an Impressive Activity Sheet

    Learn how to best showcase your extracurricular activities to add depth to your applications and demonstrate your passions and interests.
    Do-It-Yourself Action Item:  Create your comprehensive Activity Sheet to supplement your applications.
  • MODULE 3:
    Maximize Your Common Application

    Become a pro at navigating your Common Application. Discover the nuances of each section in order to highlight your strengths. 
    Do-It-Yourself Action Item:  Completely fill out your Common Application by taking advantage of every field.
  • MODULE 4:
    Own Your College Essay

    Explore effective brainstorming techniques to draft a memorable personal statement to show who you really are. Understand what constitutes a great essay and which topics you may want to avoid.
    Do-It-Yourself Action Item:  Outline, draft, revise and finalize your main college essay.
  • MODULE 5:
    Conquer Your Admissions Interview

    Learn how to communicate your story with confidence. Utilize a proven system to research each college, be able to articulate why you are a great match for that school, and be ready to ask questions of your own.
    Do-It-Yourself Action Item:  Perform a mock interview with a family member or friend.
  • MODULE 6:
    Live Q&A with One-on-One College Consulting’s Admissions Experts

    After completing Modules 1-5, you may book your 1-hour live Q&A session in a virtual small group setting with One-on-One College Consulting’s Admissions Experts. We will discuss your questions related to the content covered in the Virtual College Application Academy.

Virtual College Application Academy – 6-Module Bundle:  $600 total
Virtual College Application Academy – Modules (à la carte):  $150 each