Independent School Search Service

The independent day & boarding school search service is designed for middle school and high school students interested in attending a day or boarding school for grades 9 – 12, reclassification or a post-graduate (PG) year. We help students identify their natural strengths and interests through in-depth interviews in order to develop a list of schools that best fit them academically, socially and athletically (if applicable).
Our Independent School Search Service includes personalized guidance in the following areas:
  • Administer personality assessment
  • Conduct in-depth interview to identify school preferences of student and parent(s)
  • Review academic record and discuss standardized testing
  • Advise how/when to make successful school visits
  • Explore post-graduate (PG) year and reclassification options (if applicable)
  • Prepare Target List of schools specifically tailored to the student
  • Enhance interviewing skills with mock interview
  • Identify the student’s chance of acceptance at each school on his/her research list

The Independent School Search Service may begin as early as sixth grade and continues until we have your research list narrowed down to a well-balanced application list based on your chance of acceptance to each school.

At that point, we then transition together into the Independent School Application Service, if you so choose.

The Independent Day & Boarding School Search Service for Student-Athletes is naturally more complex and entails additional time and research. This service provides specialized advising in addition to the topics covered in the Independent School Search Service, including:

  • Obtaining honest evaluation of student-athlete’s athletic talent level via feedback from coaches
  • Providing strategies for effective self-marketing to school coaches
  • Providing coach contact information for schools on target list
  • Monitoring progress of student-athlete/coach relationship