Get College Smart!

Evolution Hoops is excited to announce new academic programs for our student-athletes and their families beginning this summer!

In conjunction with One-on-One College Consulting and Club Z! Tutoring, we will offer college admissions support at a discounted rate for middle school and high school students.
Our presenters have an expertise in understanding the unique needs of student-athletes and the nuances of the college athletic recruiting process from both an academic and athletic standpoint. Programs will include:

  • 1.5 hour “Get College Smart” Group Workshops
  • Group and Individual College Search and College Application Services
  • Group and Individual Test Prep (SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT) Programs

About the Co-Presenters:

Kim Penney, principal consultant and founder of One-on-One College Consulting, has counseled hundreds of student-athletes at every division level throughout her 20 years of experience. Kim also coached the girls’ varsity basketball team at Reading Memorial High School for 15 years, capturing the Massachusetts’ Division II State Championship in 2012.

Dennis Mullen, owner of Club Z! Tutoring, has over 17 years of experience providing academic and test-prep services to thousands of students in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.