College Essay Brainstorming Form

College Essay Brainstorming Form

Please fill out and submit this form to help prepare for your upcoming College Essay Brainstorming Session.
  • 1. Tell Us About Yourself

    List three unique traits/passions/quirks/skills that you want each college to know about you – that make you who you are. Then explain how you display each trait using an example, story, etc. TIP: Try to avoid general characteristics that could be true of most students interviewing with this college, such as: “I am hardworking, I am a good student, or I am loyal.” Why do your friends like you? What makes you laugh? What makes you angry? What are you really good at? You could look back at your Career Counseling Follow-Up Report for a reminder of your personality traits that we discussed.
  • Sample List of Character Traits

    This list is simply for example purposes - choose traits that describe YOU the best. Adventurous, Affectionate, Ambitious, Brave, Curious, Determined, Efficient, Enthusiastic, Fair, Generous, Imaginative, Independent, Insightful, Logical, Loyal, Quirky, Resilient, Resourceful, Responsible, Tenacious, Thoughtful, Witty
  • 2. Identify Your Most Important Interests

    Review your activity sheet and list the three intellectual, extra-curricular and/or leadership pursuits that mean the most to you. Describe why they are important and think about how you will continue pursuing these interests in college.
  • 3. Describe an experience where you left your comfort zone. How did it feel? Why was it challenging?

  • 4. Finish this sentence: I am at my best when....

  • 5. What activities make you lose track of time?

  • 6. What talents/skills are you most proud of? How did you develop them?

  • 7. What is the most pressing issue our society faces and what can you do about it?

  • 8. Be ready to discuss what makes you YOU. Check in with friends and family who know you best for some insight.

  • Next Steps

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